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About Dr. Tai Ikomi

Tai Ikomi holds a B.A. degree in French from University du Benin, Lome, Togo. Tai attended Christ For the Nations, Dallas, TX. In 1991, she graduated with her Masters Degree in Theology from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa OK. She also holds a doctoral degree. Dr. Ikomi has taught New Testament and New Testament Greek in various Bible Institutes and Colleges.

In April, 1986, she lost her entire family, her husband and three children to a drunk driver on an interstate in Missouri. Rev. Tai Ikomi has lived to write about how she survived this ordeal by the grace of God in her book entitled, His Beauty For My Ashes, with a foreword by Evelyn (Oral) Roberts. Evelyn wrote in the foreword, “Anyone who has gone through a tragedy and is having a struggle because of it, should read this book.” The book and the movie have proved to be a blessing, especially to those who have faced tremendous crisis in their lives.

She has just released her latest work, 70 Names of God on volumes of Tapes/CD, a set of inspirational and meditational commentaries on the names of God. The released volumes have been well received. She has published over 25 books.

She is the host and producer of the television show, Knowing Him.

In 2000, she released her first movie, His Beauty For My Ashes, based on her best-selling book of the same title.

Dr. Tai Ikomi speaks in conferences, churches, and seminars on the practical issues of Christian living. She presents the God, who is not only able to comfort us in our afflictions, but who also can turn any situation around.

She resides in Queens, New York.

To find out about Dr. Tai Ikomi's availability to speak in your church or organization, you may reach her at 718-652-7157 or email her at